Acrylic Nail Extensions Introduction

Have you ever looked down at your nails and just wished for longer, more graceful fingertips, no matter how you could achieve them? This is something that many of us long for, and it can be easy to get jealous of others when they’ve got beautiful, polished nails, but there’s no need to worry: you can achieve them too!

Nail extensions (Wiki) is the ideal way to add length to your natural nails, and they also reinforce the structure of your nails at the same time, preventing any nasty breakages. If you want to find out more about your ticket to stronger, longer nails, read on.

What are Acrylic Nails?

You may have seen acrylic nails before, and recognized them as that and, even if you do not know what they are yet, the chances are that you have seen them and just haven’t realized. Essentially, acrylic nails are made up of plastic (acrylic) tips that are attached to the tip of the natural nail, sort of like a press-on nail, but with much stronger glue. This adds length to the nails before a special substance is applied to strengthen the nails.

Acrylic nails extensions are often the go-to method of nail art and polish when any length is involved, as they are the most reliable method, and can be easily replaced in the event of a nail breaking off, unlike natural nails, which must be grown back. Acrylic nails can also be decorated with nail polishes and nail art in any colors or designs you prefer, just like you can with your natural nail.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Nails?

As we hinted earlier, there are many different advantages acrylic nails, and they are a great way to temporarily enhance your look whilst also lasting for a long enough time to be worth it. If you’re interested in the benefits of acrylic nails, discover some of them below!

  • Stop nail biting: If you are constantly trying to break the bad habit of biting your nails, acrylic nails might just do the trick for you. One of the great things about these tips being incredibly strong is that they are impossible to bite so, even if you try, there’s no way you’ll bite your acrylic nails off, and this can stop your habit.
  • Longer nails without hassle: Growing your nails can be a nightmare, and there is always that one that does not grow past a certain length, or one that breaks off while the rest all doing so well. If you do not have the patience to grow your nails, or you need them long in time for an approaching event, acrylic nails are a shortcut.
  • Your nails are less prone to breakage: As mentioned, acrylic nails are much stronger than your natural nail alone, and this can come with many advantages of its own. The main advantage is that your nails are much less prone to breakage, so you do not need to worry about the potential for a broken nail to spoil your day.
  • Ease of maintenance: Having long acrylic nails is less prone to chip as the polish stick to them better, and they are incredible easy to maintain. You can wait 2-3 weeks before requiring an infill to keep up with the growth of the nail.

Do Acrylic Nails Cause Damage to your Natural Nails?

One thing that many people are conscious about when it comes to acrylic nails is the risk of them causing damage to your nails, which can be frustrating when you decide to leave your nails natural for a while, as they can be impossible to grow.

For the acrylic tip to be glued on, your natural nail is sometimes filed down to create a rough surface, and this is one way the process can thin your nails over time. However, this should not create a huge amount of damage, and the strength and quality of your nails after having had acrylics is mainly down to your nail technician. The removal process should not cause too much damage at all but, if your manicurist is too harsh or inexperienced, they can be damaging.

Final Thoughts

It is clear to see why acrylic nail extensions are so popular, and they are a fabulous way to add length and strength to your nails while looking gorgeous while you do it. There is the potential risk for damage to be caused by the acrylic nails, but choosing an experience, well-qualified technician will reduce this.  Looking for good acrylic or gel nail extensions in Singapore? WhatsApp me now.

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