Manicure & Pedicure

Classic Gel Package

includes cuticles care, nail shaping, buff with selection of two colors

Classic Gel Manicure – $33
Classic Gel Pedicure – $33
Classic Gel Combo – $60

Express Gel Package

includes nail shaping, buff with selection of two colors

Express Gel Manicure – $23
Express Gel Pedicure – $23

Nail Extensions

Acrylic Form Extension – per set $30 / per nail $5
Polygel Form Extension – per set (first time) $30 / per set $40 / per nail $6
Tip Extension – per set $20 / per nail $4
Return Extensions Removal – $8
Extensions Removal (without accessories) by others – $18 / $12^
Extensions Removal (with accessories) by others – $20 / $15^

^Only for customer getting new manicure/pedicure services


Nail Art – $5 – $20
Nail Strengthener – $5
Callus Treatment – $10
Return Gel Soak off – $3
Gel Soak off (without accessories) by others – $15 / $3*
Gel Soak off (with accessories) by others – $18 / $5*

*Only for customers getting new manicure/pedicure services

Eyelash Extensions

Elegant, Natural Fluff, Glamorous Volume

Classic 1D, Clover (3D) , YY, Baby – $48
Classic 3D/4D (Premade), Clover (4D) – $53
Clover (5D/6D), Mixed (6D), W6D – $58
Classic 3D/4D (Handmade) – $58
Classic 5D/6D (Handmade) – $68
Removal – $8

Lash Lift

Lifts and Curls – $38

Lash Tint

Darker Lashes – $15


All eyebrow embroidery package comes with one free touch-up.

Powder Brow Shading

Soft, powdered look that fills eyebrows – $238


Realistic hair-like strokes that gives a natural look – $338

Combo Brows

Perfect combination between Microblading and Shading – $438

permanent makeup. tattooing of eyebrows

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