Chinese New Year Nail Ideas for 2022

The Chinese New Year is almost upon us, and it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for this year’s celebrations. Besides updating your wardrobe, getting a new hairstyle, and getting your nails done, it’s also time to get your nails ready. Whether you need a new manicure, or just want to be prepared, here are some great tips for your nails.

Tiger Themed Nails

The Year of the Tiger is a great time to celebrate, and the best way to do it is with a tiger themed manicure. Get a tiger themed manicure that features sharp stripes in orange, black and white. 

Floral Nail Designs

Floral manicure is traditional yet still modern. The flowers symbolise abundance, good fortune and prosperity. This design looks absolutely gorgeous on your nails!

Red and Gold Appreciation

The traditional colors displayed during Chinese New Year celebrations are red and gold. Red and gold signify good luck, prosperity, joyfulness, happiness, power, fame and dignity.

Zesty Tangerine Manicure
Zesty Tangerine Manicure

The Mahjong Style Nails

The Lunar New Year is the perfect excuse to get a Mahjong manicure. Celebrate the coming year with the traditional Mahjong tiles design manicure on your nails!

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