Eyelash Extensions Introduction

With all the beauty treatments available at our fingertips, it can be difficult to decipher the differences between each of them, and everything they include, but it’s good to know about them, especially if they’re something you’re considering. Eyelash extensions are, as you may already know, is a great way to lengthen your eyelashes as well as add volume and texture to them.

Why spend money on eye makeup when you can spend it on lash extensions? The answer is simple: Eyelashes are windows to your soul. Yes, there is something sexy about mascaraed eyes, but there is something undeniably wonderful about waking up to fresh-faced beauty every morning! Celebrities like Brooke Shields, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore all swear by this eyelash revolution. And so can you!

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

While many of us will have a rough idea about what eyelash extensions are, as the clue is in the name, that doesn’t tell us exactly how they work, or what is used to add an extension onto the natural eyelash.

The lasehes are made from synthetic materials or natural hair fibres that are glued to your natural eyelashes. They are positioned in a certain place precisely on the natural lash and applied with surgical glue in order to keep them in place. When applied properly and well-cared for, the extensions will stay on the natural lashes for as long as the natural growth cycle of the lashes, which is around 6 weeks, before they start to fall off.

Eyelash extensions comes in single lash individually, or in a combination lashes and can be applied in a number of styles, that creates the most natural looking and customisable results. It is important to find a professional lash therapist who is trained and has an eye for perfection as well as being able to do different styles of lashes so you don’t have the “clumpy” look. Usually, it can easily cost somewhere from around $50 upwards for a single application, but prices vary depending on your preferences, style, thickness and salon.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

You’ve seen all about what eyelash extensions are, and now it’s time to discover some of the benefits they bring. They have many advantages to offer, and that makes them a great addition to your beauty regime.

  • Added thickness and volume: of course, when you add an extra layer of lashes on top of your natural set, you’re going to achieve twice as much thickness and volume, and this really shows with a set of lash extensions. The volume will be unbeatable, and you’ll have beautiful, fluttery lashes all day, every day.
  • Filled sparse areas: many people are insecure about having sparse lashes, but this is something you can say goodbye to once you start wearing eyelash extensions. The extensions will add volume which will cover up sparse areas and make your lash line appear much more fanned out.
  • Lifted eyes: having lash extensions will shape your eyes, as the technician will place them strategically, using them to add depth and length to certain areas in order to suit your eye shape. This will give a more lifted look overall which is very flattering and very trendy, too.
  • Add length to your natural lashes: of course, as the extensions are placed on the bottom of your natural lashes and extend beyond them, they add length to your natural lashes. This will attract lots of attention and compliments.
  • Speed up your morning routine: be ready in the morning with your eyelash extensions, you no longer need to wear a mascara in the day if you do already, as the thickness and volume added by the lashes makes up for any blonde or lighter natural hairs. This is sure to speed up your morning routine!

Final thoughts

If you were unsure about lash extensions before, or you didn’t really understand the benefits of them, it should be clear to see why they’re so popular now. One of the great things about them is that the time they last, around 6 weeks, is long enough to make them worthwhile, without being too long that they seem almost like a permanent choice.

If you’re intrigued by all these benefits, maybe it’s time to try them out for yourself! Beside offering nail services, NailCraft is not just a nail salon, but a private home based salon that also offers affordable volume and classic lashes, along with different lash style. Do checkout some of the extensions work.

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