How the French Manicure is Back in Style

You might think that because of all the celebrities and Instagrammers showing off French tips, that’s how the French manicure came back. But that’s merely a testament to this nail style’s enduring nature.

The clean and classic style of the French manicure is one that works in many applications. After all, it’s elegant and simple in its purest form. The new generation French manicure isn’t content to sit quietly unnoticed though.

You can forget about those strip-mall-style nails that plagued the 80s and 90s. Nail techs and even those DIY gals are taking the basics of the style and churning up full drama by making it unique. In essence, the French manicure has gotten a new generation makeover, and there’s so much more to love.

It’s not that the classic is out of favor, though the newer, bolder concepts that stem from the original French tips are giving women everywhere the chance to fully express themselves. So, what’s different with the modern French manicure?

The Shape of You

With French manicures back on the forefront of nail fashion, it’s the shapes that have brought them into modern times. To get the look yet still feel functional with your hands, the almond shape is preferred.

However, if you want your French manicure to look the part and aren’t afraid to go long, coffins, squares, and stilettos may be more fun. These nail shapes allow for more art, color, and contrast, taking the look of French tips to the extreme. And isn’t that what fashion is all about in this decade? Plus, it serves to make your fingers look longer and sexier, another bonus for this revamped style.

Color Your World

The shapes of those French tips aren’t the only thing that has gotten a major upgrade. In the past, French manicures were all about neutral and muted colors. It was soft and feminine. Today’s French manicure style creates more chance to stand out with your own drumline of fashion.

That means blood-red tips with a sheer or neutral base, animal print tips, or funky nail art that uses the nails to let your personality come through. While the dainty classic look of a French manicure is a classic, it doesn’t allow for individuality in its purest form. Changing it up by using the style with bolder colors or patterns is a way to make your look your own.

Find Your French Manicure Trend

Some of the biggest French nail trends are done with glitter tips, cuticle art, asymmetrical tips, polka dots, florals, animal prints, and metallics, to name a few. For inspo, you can always check out what your favorite celebs are flashing on social media. Or if you’re feeling clever, maybe the French manicure style you create yourself will be the next hottest trend that everyone will want to copy! So book a visit with NailCraft, a private nail salon in Singapore for a fabulous and stylish manicure or pedicure session!

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