Important Bridal Nail Tips for Your Wedding Day

The day your wedding comes, all you think about is the big day, the big event. The dress, the flowers, the catering services. But what about your nails? The wedding is a very special time for every girl, probably the most important event in her life. You have to look beautiful from your head to your toes. Bridal nails should be glamorous and should reflect your natural beauty and magnificence. They’ll also feature a lot in your wedding photos when showing off your new wedding rings. So keep reading on the guide to getting Instagram worthy bridal nails.

Schedule Your Manicure According to Your Time
Time flies when you’re making bridal preparations. In fact, it might be moving too fast for your liking. You probably aren’t the only one who’s worried about time constraints. Don’t panic, though. Here are a few tips to make sure your bridal manicure doesn’t get pushed aside until the last minute.

Brides who don’t have so much to do can choose to do their nails two or three days before the wedding. They’ll still look fresh, and you’ll show up to any other final arrangements waiting to be done looking great. You’d have also had time to get used to them.

However, if things are too busy for you, you can set up your manicure a day before your wedding. That way, there’ll be less opportunity for your nails to get chipped by accident.

If you still worry that they could get scratched, then do them on the morning of your wedding. All you have to do is remember to include sufficient time for nail services in your wedding day schedule.

Go for Something Comfortable
As mentioned earlier, there are many options when it comes to wedding nails. You could go for gel, acrylic or natural nails. The decision is yours. It is, however, best to choose nails that you are comfortable with.

If you’re having them done a few days before your wedding, you could choose gel nails. They last longer and will not get chipped or smudged easily. Acrylics are also a great idea.

Whichever idea you do go for, please try to avoid going beyond your usual length. It could make it challenging to do things at your wedding. If you must go for something longer than you’re used to, then have them done long before your wedding day. That way, you’ll have time to get used to the new nails.

Consider Your Wedding Theme
If you can’t decide on a colour, for example, a great place to start is with your wedding’s colour scheme. It would help if you also keep your wedding bouquet in mind. It might not be a great idea to choose clashing colours. Overall, think of your personal style and choose wedding nails that compliment and represent you.

Bridal Nail Ideas

Here are some lovely wedding nail ideas that you’ll be proud to display on your social media:

The Classic Wedding White

Classic white nail design is timeless. You can never go wrong with classic white nails when it comes to weddings. They fit with every colour scheme and go beautifully with white wedding dresses looking elegant and sophisticated.

A French Mani

A French mani is gorgeous, classy and elegant. It’s when a clear or nude polish is used and topped off with a white painted on tip. You can stick with the traditional style or choose something completely different. It’s a lovely finishing that highlights your ring, bouquet and wedding outfit.

The Naked Nails

Who says you have to paint your nails for your wedding? If you use your nails without polish every other day of the week, you can do the same for your wedding too. Just get your nails shaped and buffed by a professional. You can also add a clear coat layer for the extra shine.

Nail Art

Many people think that bridal nail art is too much for a wedding day. I disagree. You can still rock your beautiful nail art at your celebration. All you have to do is choose a neutral colour and a minimalist design. Artwork can also be incorporated into your selected color. While a more traditional look, the floral and leaf designs can compliment your gown without detracting from its elegance. These designs look great with gowns with layers or movement, as well as with clear gowns. If your wedding is more casual, a hand-painted nail design, with glitter, gems, or rhinestones will look fabulous. You don’t have to choose just one design. Consider adding an accent nail on each hand, or on each foot. This will create eye-catching nail art design that will complement your overall gown.

The Bridal Blush

These nails are a lovely alternative to brides who are not into the nude nail colour. The extra pop of pink makes it very beautiful. You can choose to go lighter or deeper with the colour of this wedding nail idea.

The Neutral Polish

This is another wedding nail idea that is a classic. It fits with any colour scheme and looks stunning and timeless. You could choose from light pink, white or nude nail polish to achieve this look.

The Metallic Glam

Glam up your wedding with a metallic manicure. It sure to stand out and look beautiful. With this idea, it’s usually best to choose a colour that matches your wedding band.

The Shiny Glitter

Glitter nail designs are becoming popular with their bling factor. If you want something that looks glamorous and makes a statement. Glitter is the perfect way to do this, it can be used in different ways to bring out individuality and fun factor while still staying classy.

In Conclusion
Your wedding nails are an important part of your wedding fashion. So, remember to sechedule an appointment in time with your nail artist for your wedding celebration. You could also make it a girl’s day out and go with your bridesmaids just before your wedding. Can you think of any other gorgeous wedding nail ideas, or where to do bridal nails? Discuss with NailCraft on your ideas, a private home based nail salon that provides gel manicure, nail art and much more.

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