Ink Pigments Selection

To ensure my clients has the highest satisfaction, the ink pigments I selected comprised of the highest quality ingredients. The pigment have a very high lightfastness which means as the ink ages in the skin, it will not discolor. The inks age to be the same color they were when they were implanted in the skin, just a lighter version. This provides naturally looking brows. The pigment is also cruelty free, never tested on animals, certified vegan and passes the resAP 2008 regulations for Europe and is sterilized by gamma radiation.

  • Better for immunity and overall health
  • More reliable and safer in skin
  • Longer lasting and better vibrancy



  • 不包含动物产品
  • 从未在动物身体进行过实验
  • 更有益于免疫力和整体健康
  • 皮肤上更可靠、更安全
  • 更持久,活力更好

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